Thursday, 15 September 2016

"Day of the Butterfly" -Roundtable on Theme Statement

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  1. Identify the timestamp section at which you feel your group was having the BEST discussion moment. Everyone was engaged, all were contributing, no one was ignored/sitting out.
    What was your group’s final theme statement for the short story “Day of the Butterfly?”
    Be the change you want to see.
    Include 2 other examples of literature or movies, etc. that would fit your theme statement.
    Star Trek: When Kirk sacrificed himself for his crew, he wanted to save his crew and for people to be brave and follow in his footsteps

    City of Bones: When Valantine was going to leave and use one of the Mortal Instruments to make people slaves, Jonathan saved Clary’s Stepdad because he felt bad that he was going to follow his father.
    What could YOU as an individual do next time to make your roundtable more successful?
    I think I could ask a few more questions to narrow it down and I also think that I could say the thoughts I had in my head because I was usually thinking in my head instead of saying it outloud.