Friday, 9 September 2016

Litspiration Challenge 1: Me as a Reader

The Earth (top right corner):
The earth represents that books let you escape from the world and lets you into a new universe. The dark blue surrounding the earth represents the separation from the world and the world in the book. I did the surrounding blue because blue is the color that I would associate the most with separation and I wanted it to match the color of the sky so that it could represent that the world and books are connected in a way.

The Plane:
The plane represents me traveling because I usually read a lot on planes and some of my favorite book I have read, I heard about in a different place.
The plane also represents how it can take you somewhere beautiful but it might take a long time just like a book. Sometimes I am not interested at the start of the book but as it goes on you realize that there is small stuff in the beginning that you have to read that will lead up to big things.
I added the little bit of blue on the plane to represent the tiny things that end up having a big effect at the end of the book.

The Lightbulb:
The lightbulb represents how books can lead to big ideas that you can use. It could be an idea for a project or something you might want to write. I chose yellow as the color because yellow is one of the brightest colors and I wanted to connect it somehow to bright ideas without making it look like something other than a lightbulb

The Dragon:
The dragon represents fantasy because fantasy is my favorite type of book and I read the most of that type of book.
The 2 colors of the dragon represent how I view books. I view them in two parts, the interesting part (the best part) and the not so interesting part (the not so good part). The green represents the best part because it is one of my favorite colors and the yellow represents the not so interesting part because even though it is a bit boring, it is still significant.

The fire coming out of the dragon's mouth represents the climax in the book which I find is usually the best part because a lot happens and it is strong and quick but very suspenseful.

The “Questions, Answers”
The “Questions, Answers” part represents mystery books because it is my second favorite type of book genre. The Bolded “Answers” represent how I can not read by skimming the words, I have to read it word by word very carefully otherwise I get very confused. It helps if it is bolded because it makes the words a bit bigger for me.

The 逃逸 (escape):
The 逃逸 (escape) represents how books let you escape from the world and experience a new world that you never could have imagined. I did it black because black is one of the boldest and strongest colors and that is what I would associate with the word escape.

The Bed:
The bed represents where I read the most and where I like to read the most because it is quiet and I can only read in quiet spaces. I also put the bed there because it is the place I feel
most comfortable reading. I colored the bed red because red is a very powerful color and the place where books have the most impact on me is my bed.

The Shadow Figure (On top of the bed):
The shadow figure represents that everyone can read and everyone can find a book that they love even if they don't think that they like reading. I wanted to color the figure black because i think that black can represent mystery too because the figure can be anyone.

The Hill Shape:
The hill shape represents how the book can start off really boring and not very eventful and then the hill comes which is a big incline in emotions and action. I did the hill because I think it represents the climax and the most eventful part of the book.

The Writing Inside The Hill:
The writing inside the hill represents my favorite books that I have read and the ones I can connect to the most.
The colors of the text represent what color I would associate with one of the main characters in the book. For example, I would associate red with Harry Potter because red is a bold and brave color and Harry was bold and brave.



  1. It was extremely well done and this is because you utilized the space of the whole page with many different things, which both engaged me and educated me on who you are as a reader. Everything on the page had a purpose and looks like there was time and effort being put into it. I really liked the blue on the tip of the plane and around the world. Those little things had a lot of thought behind them and were well explained. However I was just wondering what the flying books meant?

  2. Your paragraphs are very detailed, I like the different messages you had behind your drawings. Your drawings are really good, I personally enjoy the dragon. The Chinese writing did not make sense to me, if you want to represent a message of escape can you do it in a more clear way?

  3. I really liked the way that you chose to represent yourself as a reader it's creative and very fun and engaging to look at.
    The paragraphs/descriptions that you wrote about your choices were very descriptive and detailed.
    I also really liked how you wrote Chinese writing in your visual and explained what it meant because I don't think anyone else would think to put another language into their visual.
    Whats your favorite book ?
    Great job :)

  4. I think you did a good job explaining every thing
    I like how you added the names of your favorite books and how you made the color you matched it to the main character.
    I was wondering what book are you talking about when you say “ the world in the book” What do you mean when you say that?
    I was wondering if you explained why you added the flying books?
    I think your punctuation and grammar is good.

    Ove all the you did a really good job.

  5. There is a lot here! You really dug into yourself as a reader. I was wondering about the Chinese characters...why not write the word in English?