Friday, 10 February 2017

Starting a Novel Study; The House of The Scorpion- Individual Blog Post #1

We are starting a novel study in class. The book we will all read is called The House of The Scorpion. Our individual task is to read the book and talk to the text by pulling out things that we think are significant to our learning and to the end of the book. We have to keep up with the time line that Ms. Groller has set for us and will (most of the time) be reading at home.
I think that the hardest part for me in the individual task will be to talk to the text and write the sticky notes to put in the book because writing down something on a sticky note means that I have to stop reading which is very hard for me. If I tried to remember what to write on the sticky note at the end of the chapter, I would most likely forget something significant depending on how much I read.

There is also a task that we have to do as a team. We have not gotten our teams yet and I am not sure if we get to choose them or if Ms. Groller chooses them for us. The tasks for the team are to pull out the information that we think is significant (just like in the individual task) but with the team, we will be putting our ideas together and presenting them to the class.

I think that the novel inquiry is a good way to learn and practice how to talk to the text and how to be prepared because we have a specific timeline and some people might not have very much free time to read so we are going to have to find somewhere to read. For example in the car or on the bus on the way to school.

I am most excited to start the book and to talk with the teams because a lot of people will have different ideas and opinions about the book and I think it will be cool to learn what their ideas and opinions are.
I think that the most challenging thing for me will be to not read ahead because if the chapter ends at a climax, I'm going to have to hide the book from myself to keep myself form reading ahead.

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  1. Not reading ahead will be a challenge! Sounds like you are ready for the challenge of this inquiry!