Monday, 20 March 2017

Compare and Contrast- Final Blog Post

For our final blog post about The House Of The Scorpion, we have been asked to connect what we know about Matt (the protagonist in The House Of The Scorpion) to what we know about Vincent (the protagonist in Gattaca).

For starters, they are both round characters that we know a lot about. When talking about characterization, there are 2 types of characters, flat and round characters. Flat characters are not developed and do not have much information about their background included in the book or movie. A round character is a well-developed character that the reader and/or watcher knows a lot about who they are and where they come from.

Vincent wanted to go to space so desperately that he gave up his identity and became a new person because of his heart problems. Because of the heart problems, Gattaca (the company) would not want to send Vincent to space because his heart had a 99% chance of failure and he said that his heart is 1,000 beats over his limit.

There is also another two types of characters which are dynamic and static. A dynamic character is a character who undergoes change during the course of the story and a static character in the total opposite. The change can involve going from good to evil and vice versa. It can also be a change in values and/or motives.

I think both Matt and Vincent are static characters because their motivations stayed the same throughout the stories.

Both Gattaca and House Of The Scorpion had similar themes. I think that the theme for The House Of The Scorpion would be “Reluctance to look deeper than the skin will blind your vision” because almost nobody bothered to get to know Matt and to understand him and in the end, he escaped Opium because no one knew where he would head to.

I think that these two stories were similar in terms of theme and characters. They both wanted something that was hard to get. One of the only differences was; Vincent tried harder to get what he wanted.

Matt wanted to be treated as a normal person and to not be considered as a clone. He had limited friends and wanted to be with them all the time and wanted everyone else to treat him like they did.

I think the theme statement for Gattaca would be “you can’t underestimate the things you can’t justify” because Vincent was told he would die at a specific age and he did not. From what we know, Vincent got to go to space and only a few people knew who he really was. Vincent thought that he couldn't do it because he would get caught or because his heart would stop and it would be over.

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