Thursday, 9 March 2017

Real Life Farm Patrol -Individual Post #5

In class, we are reading a novel called House of The Scorpion. There have been many other opportunities to connect scenes in the book to the real world. For this task, we connected things that are happening in real life to Celia’s story in The House Of The Scorpion.
Celia has taken care of Matt (the protagonist) for most of his life. In chapter 14 (P. 136-145), Celia’s story is explained.
She started off by working in a factory on the edge of the U.S border. She was practically a slave working to make sure she had a home, food, and water.
Celia says, “As a girl, I went to work in Maquiladora- a factory- on the border. All day I sat in an assembly line and put tiny squares into holes with a pair of tweezers. I thought I’d go blind! We lived in a big gray building with windows so small, you couldn't put your head outside. That was to keep the girls from running away. At night we climbed to the roof and looked north across the border” (p.141).
Celia continuously worked but it seemed like the work was endless. One day, she and some of the other people from the factory met a coyote at night (a coyote is someone who will take you across a border for a high price). The coyote gathered their money and lead them right to the border. Little did they know, farm patrol was waiting for them. The coyote ditched them. The farm patrol got to them and was going to turn them all into eejits but luckily, El Patron was from the same small town and saved Celia and made her a maid to work for him.

This is similar to what is happening right now except in real life; People are illegally crossing the U.S border into Canada. They have found points across the border that are not being watched and they are passing through without checking with Immigration Officers first. The government has decided that people caught illegally crossing the border will not be sent back anymore, they will just be arrested. The people crossing the border say they want to move to Canada because of the things Donald Trump has said and the welcoming tone of Justin Trudeau.

I think that Celia chose to follow the coyote out of Aztlan because she was tired of working and she was looking for something better. I think she was thinking about her future and what would have happened if she stayed in that place. I think that's what is happening right now in real life too. People are thinking about where they will be in the future and what will happen.

I think we still have more to learn about Celia and what Matt views Celia as. I also think that Celia will come back again even if it is just for a short period because Matt loves her and (she doesn't want to admit it), she loves Matt.

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