Sunday, 5 March 2017

Worldview Elements- Individual Post #4

Throughout the year, we have been (and are still) looking at worldview elements. For this blog post, we are asked to share our thoughts on what worldview elements we think are most influential to Matt.

I think that the number one element that influences Matts thought and actions are equality with others because he knows he is a clone and everyone (even Matt) thinks that clones have less purpose and should not have the same privileges as a human. I think that he should be treated like everybody else because he looks like a person, acts like a person and needs the same things as a person. Even though Matt has not had his brain wiped like a normal clone, he is still treated unfairly and like an animal.

I believe that another one of the influential worldview elements that could be associated with Matt would be View of Human Nature because Matt thought that El Patron loved him and that he valued what Matt did but in reality, El Patron only made the clone (Matt) so that he could take the organs and live for a longer time. The only reason Matt didn't get killed is because Celia has been putting small amounts of arsenic in his meals. Celia did not add so much that it would kill him, but she added enough that his organs would not work in another person.

The last worldview element that influences Matt is Sources of Ethical Wisdom. This element influences what he does and thinks because he is taught to think that clones are horrible beings. Even if Matt’s brain isn't wiped, he thought of himself as unworthy and exactly like the other clones because he has the same DNA as someone else. Everyone made him think that he should be treated like an animal and even though Matt hated it, he agreed.

There are a few other worldview elements that I think influence Matt but the three I just mentioned are the ones I think affect him the most and are hinted at throughout the book.

I think that Matt should be treated like a real person and that he should start thinking about himself as a real person. He is almost exactly like a normal person with only one difference; he was harvested.

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